Machine fleet

Combining mechanical engineering and controller design generates outstanding opportunities for our customers. Our machine fleet covers a range of different material processing procedures.

An excerpt of large machinery we use:

  • 4.4 KW laser cutting machine with rotation axis
  • 6 KW 3D laser cutting and welding centre
  • Water jet cutting plant
  • CNC folding presses up to 4 m long
  • Stainless steel bead blasting plant for VA 6m x 5m
  • Rotational brushing machine
  • Straightening press 160 to
  • Vertical mitre-cutting saw for sawing depths up to 430 x 600 mm

The water jet cutting plant can be used to process almost any material.

Dimensions in 3D

The TruLaser Cell 7040 - the all-around solution from the TRUMPF brand - was specially adapted to the needs of our company and our customers, making it unique within its sector. Variable laser finishing options from a single machine:

  • 3D laser cutting
  • 3D pipe machining
  • 3D laser welding
  • 3D surface finishing

Thanks to the innovative, six-axis system, the machine is extremely versatile, flexible and economical in all of these different processes and applications.

Laser cutting

3D processing with the TruLaser Cell offers a wide range of options for high-precision machining. Precise results and burr-free cut edges eliminate the need for complicated reworking. In addition, the heat-affected zone is extremely small, due to the ability to focus the laser and the short exposure time. Processes that protect more than just the material.

Example: A customer needed to be able to add cut-outs for operating elements to the switch cabinet doors or body after production. In contrast to milling, the laser works without contact, vibration, or wear. It can be used to cut delicate contours, even on powder-coated surfaces, without damaging the surface.

Pipe machining

The automatic swivelling 3D cutting head delivers precise cutting results for angles and bevels up to ±45°. The additional installed rotation axis, consisting of a jaw chuck with through-loading option and counter bearing, expands the machine’s applications. The pipe laser can be used to cut almost any complex geometry - including weld seam preparation with the highest possible precision.

Laser welding

Laser welding is usually much faster and much more efficient than the alternatives, with a welding speed 5 to 10 times higher than other processes. Thanks to the low secondary heat produced, and targeted, localised heating, laser welding helps avoid almost all structural changes and warping in the base material. It can be used to produce extremely fine welded seams of the highest quality. It also eliminates costly manual rework. Upon request, welding of certain, critical components can be TÜV certified.

Marking and labelling

Laser surface finishing can be used to mark components and to quickly create engraving and labels.

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