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You've graduated - now it's time to plan your professional future. What do you want to be? What could you become?

Buddenkotte can help you take the right steps, and can determine which skills qualify you for what training profession in an interview or through an internship.  We take the time to help you get your footing in your career search.

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We train employees in the following professions:

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We look forward to receiving your full application, and will be happy to welcome you for an in-person interview.

Completed your degree? What comes next?

We are open to new ideas and to change - that is why we focus on technological market developments. We do so by working together with you:

  • We provide you with a thorough education.
  • We retain our trainees at the company after they complete their exams, offering them future job prospects.
  • We support our employees, and provide them with ongoing internal and external training.
  • We have a young workforce, and we work as a team.

Many employees in positions of responsibility today started their careers with us as trainees.

Are you interested in a job at Buddenkotte?

Are you looking for a new challenge? You can be part of our team. Please submit your complete application dossier to our mailing address. Alternatively, you are welcome to apply online. To do so, please send your application to the e-mail address:


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Your plants will be carefully planned, designed and manufactured in-house, ensuring they meet the highest standard of quality.